About the Authors

Starving Artists and Martial Artists with a love for the written word.



Anastasia Kemp is a Criminal Justice graduate of Saint Louis University. As a former Midwesterner who grew up living out of suitcases and moving vans, Anastasia spent her youth playing video games with her grandmother, hiding in libraries, and crafting stories to entertain her three younger siblings. Today, she lives on the West Coast with her husband where she works as a sailor with a caffeine addiction. Contrary to popular belief, she is actually quite fond of windmills.

Anastasia’s goals as a published author are simple: she wants to tell great tales. She has dozens of stories just begging to be unleashed. She hopes that Windmill Keepers will be the first of many published books in the years to come.



Isabella Kemp is a Sequential Art graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a military brat, she grew up playing war games with her father and battling the forces of evil with wooden swords. Now living in San Francisco, CA she spends her free time creating illustrated adventures and hitting up the local boxing gyms.

Isabella wants her stories make people laugh, cry, and be fully immersed in her creative world. Growing up as a part of the Millennial Generation has made her a technophile. While she loves the feel of traditional books, Isabella knows that e-books are here to stay. She would someday love to publish an e-book that combines multiple artistic mediums to create something entirely new.

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