Cover Reveal!!

Keepers Cover Book One FinalIt’s in! The cover for Windmill Keepers, Book One is finally done! Please click on the image to enlarge it and see the details! I. Kemp put her fancy art degree to use and created something totally unique for our first YA novel. I’m still amazed at how she managed to capture the vividness of their world, but reveal the dark undertones of the story. Keep reading for a small blurb from I. Kemp about the art side of Windmill Keepers.

~A. Kemp

P.S. Normal updates resume this week.
I really always wanted to be a graffiti artist but never had enough rebellion in me to secretly paint on any walls. So here I am, attempting to live out my dreams by making stencil painted book covers. Please like and share this artwork to your heart’s content!


P.S. I will gladly do very, very reasonably priced covers for any other indie/self-published artists who want something drawn or painted instead of photographs! Just send me a message any time!

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